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Terms and Conditions.

  • Purchaseglory.com  provides an online platform to buy and sell products online with rates and specifications readily available for instant purchase.
  • Purchaseglory.com charges fees from supplier to sell products online
  • All the mandatory paper work will be done by buyers and sellers.  We charge fees from sellers as percentage of basic price for each commercial transaction carried out through us.

    Purchaseglory.com  do not offer molecules in patented countries and liabilities of patent infringements if any will be to the account of importer only.

    The personal information collected during the process of registration and commercial transaction of the products will be used according to privacy and security policy.

    The information being provided will be used in processing transactions, to manage your account, to confirm company identity, to keep updated for the information or opportunities may be relevant to the subscriber.

    Purchaseglory.com may be required to provide your personal information to the Financial Services Authority and other regulatory and government bodies from time to time in India.
    Purchaseglory.com may also disclose your personal information to:
    1) Any Government authority, to whom purchaseglory.com is required to disclose such information by law.

    2) Financial institutions and other similar organisations being dealt by purchaseglory.com in due course of this commercial activity.

    3) The buyer, seller and third parties involved in process of transaction to complete the commercial dealings.

    The seller has to abide to price ceilings to authorities in respective country. Purchaseglory.com hold no responsibility for the same.

    The responsibility to provide agreed quality of product lies with the supplier absolutely. The website is designed to make the product information and price readily available to buyer. And sellers can showcase the products and price with due validity period.

    The seller abides to the price for the period of validity specified in the online form filled on the website. Any change in price or specifications must be updated by sellers on their own. Purchaseglory.com will not be responsible for non updated prices. The seller would also have negative marking or may be removed from the website, if found not abiding to the written information for product and price provided.

    The management of purchaseglory.com reserves the right to remove / add - product and any buyer or seller on the website.

    The purchaseglory.com would provide only relevant information regarding the commercial deal to the buyer and sellers. The right for provision of information remains with purchaseglory.com.

    The buyer and seller can update the registration data form, change password.  The subscriber would also have an access to all the business leads sent for their products.

    For Online Auction services, only technically and commercially accepted bidders will be allowed to bid.

    The bidders will be informed for date and time of auction on their registered email ID

    After the bidding process ends, the actual transaction is carried out between buyer and seller. Purchaseglory will not be responsible for commercial and technical liability for the product.

    Once the bid is closed, the intimation to buyer and seller will be made through e-mail.

    By accessing this website, you consent to purchaseglory.com for collecting, maintaining, using and disclosing personal information about you as a person and registered company for the purpose as being described above.

    Purchaseglory.com may make changes to this Privacy & Security Policy from time to time for any reason and will notify you of such changes by posting an updated version of this Privacy & Security Policy on this website. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Privacy & Security Policy and if you use this website after any such changes are published, such use shall constitute your agreement to such changes.