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Supplier's Guide

  • purchaseglory.com provides an online platform to buy and sell products online with rates and specifications readily available for instant purchase.
  • purchaseglory.com charges fees from supplier to sell products online through purchaseglory.com online platform.
  • Supplier can post unlimited products free of cost. 
  • For each sale transaction through purchaseglory.com – supplier is liable to pay % of basic value as fees to purchaseglory.com. The fees in %age is specified in product addition page.
  • Supplier should provide maximum details possible for the product, this will help the buyer to take quick decision.
  • Supplier must check product price validity regularly and keep price updated to have hassle free orders and transactions.
  • Supplier Registration with valid GST llicence and necessary details is mandatory.
  • The Payment terms are advance payment terms and will be settled to suppliers within 10 days of receipt of products by buyer with quality confirmation.
  • Verification of supplier would require valid licence, documents, telephonic and personal verification as requested by purchaseglory.com team or deputed third party agency.
  • The Supplier must follow rules of the country and legal sale liability for the product sales remains with the supplier
  • The buyer details would be forwarded upon receipt of formal order and payment receipt from buyer.
  • Each material order is forwarded with unique code – the supplier should specify the same in all the communications.
  • All despatches must be from reliable transporter with online consignment tracking facility. (unless recommended by buyer)
  • The supplier must forward deal status to purchaseglory.com and buyer on the following stage of order
  1. Despatch schedule immediately upon receipt of Formal Purchase Order
  2. Despatch details alongwith invoice scan copy  and transporter contact details
  • The supplier must communicate to us immediately for any deviation for the order
  • In case of any quality issue, supplier must replace the consignment immediately.  The cost for quality assurance and logistics remains with supplier.
  • Supplier should  ensure  the best services and commitment to buyer. This will ensure repeat orders and improve vendor rating to get more orders in future.
  • purchaseglory.com reserve the right to register, disqualify , rating of supplier.
  • The supplier rating would be based on promptness in replies, quality of product, regular product price updates and information update, order to despatch time cycle and buyer feedback.

The product postings online is free of cost , ensure maximum number of product postings online to get additional sales through purchaseglory.com